The Programme


In the crèche, children will discover community life. While growing and playing together, they will learn to understand and respect each other.  The nursery aims at promoting their sensory and motor skills as well as their language development. Our educational activities have been carefully designed to stimulate their imagination and logical thinking.



Our Educational activities:

  • A large indoor and outdoor play area with educational toys and activities
  • A construction and puzzles corner
  • A reading corner
  • Sensorial


Various crafts and manual activities:

  • Painting, play-dough, drawing and collage
  • Motor activities
  • Awakening to music and discovering different music instruments
  • Stories, songs and rhymes


Outdoor Activities:

  • Vast garden full of fun games such as slides, swings, playhouses etc...
  • Puppets


In Pre-Reception , children will learn to become independent, care for, and respect each other. Their motor skills will be developed through various interesting activities such as drawing shapes using different markers, crayons and chalk. Their creativity will be boosted as they discover new tools. They will explore the world around them using their senses and will express themselves with their body: coordinating their movements, keeping their balance, jumping,running and climbing. They will learn to concentrate by doing things that interest them and use an appropriate vocabulary to communicate and socialise with others.


In Reception, children will broaden and deepen their knowledge and skills. Their confidence to use language and their mastery of fine-motor skills will enable them to make new experiences and discoveries: introduction to numbers, letters and their pronunciation, music, team games, the visual arts and sound. They will learn to count as well as master skills and improve their motor skills by drawing specific shapes. Their logical logical thinking and creativity will develop as they learn to express ideas. This is an important step that will prepare your children for entry into primary school.



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